Web Designer I

Finished Page copy

The picture above represents my desired web design for my portfolio. It consists of a Home, About section, Contact page, and Service information. Stated at the bottom you will see links to my professional social media profiles.


Within a couple hours of learning GIMP, I was able to manipulate a real life image into a cartoonish version. I highly recommend using this application (as it is free), to create interesting art and masterpieces.


Proper Netiquette

The previous link contains the proper netiquette rules.  

  • Netiquette is especially important when messaging in Business or College environments.
  • It is important to treat others with the same respect that you would like to receive and avoid confrontational or offensive language.
  • Emojis or Emoticons may be used widely through messaging but they are strictly unacceptable when it comes to a professional workspace.
  • In addition, slang, acronyms and “text talk” are also inappropriate. Refrain from using “ur” or “u” , but instead use the correct form of those words, “your” and “you”.
  • Avoid long periods of capitalized words, such as “DO YOU HAVE THE DOCUMENTS”.
  • It is also very important to proofread atlas twice before sending a message. By checking your work, the chances of your work having: spelling and grammar errors, missing content, confusing information or errors of accuracy in information , is very limited.


Wireframes for Websites

Information Architecture is essentially the way items in a website are organized and labeled. Web developers typically focus on this aspect of the website more because making the site quick and user friendly is what is most important. You want the viewer to know exactly where the information can be found at.

There are several types of navigation in websites:

  • The type of content a mechanism accesses
  • Behavior of the navigational links and transition to the next page
  • The tasks and modes of seeking the mechanism supports
  • Visual treatment of navigational options
  • The position of a navigation on a page

There are three elements of wire framing. Information Design is the presentation, placement and prioritization of the information. Navigation design provides a set of screen elements that allow the user to move page to page through the website. Interface Design includes selecting and arranging interface elements to enable users to interact with the functionality of the system.

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