Proper Netiquette

The previous link contains the proper netiquette rules.  

  • Netiquette is especially important when messaging in Business or College environments.
  • It is important to treat others with the same respect that you would like to receive and avoid confrontational or offensive language.
  • Emojis or Emoticons may be used widely through messaging but they are strictly unacceptable when it comes to a professional workspace.
  • In addition, slang, acronyms and “text talk” are also inappropriate. Refrain from using “ur” or “u” , but instead use the correct form of those words, “your” and “you”.
  • Avoid long periods of capitalized words, such as “DO YOU HAVE THE DOCUMENTS”.
  • It is also very important to proofread atlas twice before sending a message. By checking your work, the chances of your work having: spelling and grammar errors, missing content, confusing information or errors of accuracy in information , is very limited.

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